General Proc Contractor

This program is a natural extension of all of the services listed out in Services A La Carte section. APMD offers customers the opportunity to have a dedicated management team servicing their company's back end needs. The arrangement is similar to General Contractor service in construction. Most business and technology services can be acquired from us. Here are some of the benefits of this program for a small or medium size business:
  • Under a long term contract, APMD is responsible for all of the services provided, one invoice, and no multiple vendors to deal with.
  • As customer's long term plans are implemented, APMD will be there to ensure a cohesive approach and consistent quality.
  • Save time and money on vendor service research and negotiations. Under our General Contracting Program, APMD only gets paid for project and service work approved by the customer.
  • APMD offers discounted pricing under long term contracts.

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