UBM Implementation

APMD specialists often work closely with managers of departments of large corporations. This program is an adaptation of our UBM Implementation program for more structured corporate environments. Departmental Managers and whole corporations can partner with APMD to look after the efficiency of business processes. Benefits to our customers include:
  • APMD will provide a solution that will satisfy everybody: departmental employees, senior managers, internal audit, etc.
  • Unified Business Management approach will permit continuous improvement and adjustment of processes without involvement of IT.
  • APMD helps put seemingly unconnected initiatives into perspective and show a way to achieve your company's main objectives by carefully planning and executing the projects at hand.
The approach is based on our unique Unified Business Management methodology and includes:
  • Complete Business Modeling
  • Establishing Infrastructure to support UBM
  • Training of personnel in application of UBM to everyday's work
  • Monitoring of success and maintenance of technological solutions

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