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All APMD's customers work with a dedicated representative or principal who handles all of their requests and questions. Depending on the services or the program chosen, an APMD representative will either act as a provider of services to the customer or as a representative of the customer before a third party, but never both. APMD values its reputation as reliable and trustworthy partner in business and we will do nothing that will compromise our company or yours.

APMD representative is responsible to the customer for all of the contractual obligations on the side of APMD, LLC, including managing third party service providers on behalf of the client. APMD calls long term agreements "partnering agreement" because of the involved, tight business relationship that develops over time.

Each new customer receives a preliminary consultation to explain programs and services we offer. APMD uses these consultations to identify customers' long term goals. After the initial consultation, customers can simply submit a service request and APMD will promptly provide a plan of action and an estimate for the requested services.

During the time APMD is working to fulfill a request, our customers receive periodic updates that refer to both status of the project at hand, and how the project is working towards making the long term goals closer to reach. When utilizing our Accounting and Tax services, customers receive full monthly financial activity statements together with long term planning recommendations.

Upon each delivery of products and services, APMD representative collects customer feedback. This feedback helps us to constantly improve service delivery for each customer based on their particular expectations and preferences.

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