How we do it

APMD is here to simplify the way things are done in your business, whether it relates to people, machines, or information, and regardless of whether your company is a start up or a multinational corporation.

APMD works with its customers to make business processes more efficient. We simplify or take care of processes, leaving resources and time free for managers and employees to concentrate on the unique and creative aspects of running and growing their company. APMD is not limited only to providing solutions for your "back end". We are also involved in custom automation projects involving marketing, sales, customer service, product development and other departments that do not fall under the definition of "back end".

APMD tools are a combination of best business practices, advanced technological platform, and verified third party service providers. In our work we rely on recommendations issued by following organizations:

APMD maintains a network of trusted providers of specialized products and services because together we can satisfy a large number of business needs for a company of any size. Customers who choose to participate in a specific APMD Program maintain full control over which service providers are used on their projects. Our services and service providers continue to develop and grow in order to meet the changing needs of our customers and the global market.

Our pricing is based in part on the total value delivered to the customer as a result of work performed by APMD, and depends on what services or programs the customer chooses to subscribe to to meet specific goals. Usually, basic business and technical consultations and long term planning services are at no charge when performed within the context of a defined project or an initiative under APMD management. This allows small business owners to have access to the same reliable quality services and products as established companies working with APMD readily enjoy. At the same time, our corporate clients will find very attractive packages under programs specifically designed to achieve cost and risk objectives.

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